Live Updates: Chicago Protests and Unrest

Two police officers relieved of power after woman allegedly dragged and knelt on

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said two officers have been relieved of their police powers after the agency that investigates police misconduct recommended they be reassigned. This was after a woman accused them of dragging her out of her car by her hair and kneeling on her.

Mia Wright said officers broke the windows of the car she was in with their batons, causing glass to fly into her eye, and then dragged her out of the car by her hair. She said they called her names and knelt on her. She said she still doesn’t know why she was pulled over, but she’s been charged with disorderly conduct. She and her attorney are demanding that charge be dropped.

The Civilian Office for Police Accountability urged Brown to reassign the officers to desk duty or strip them of their power while the incident is under investigation. A COPA spokesperson said that’s in part to prevent the officers involved from interacting with Chicagoans currently protesting police brutality.

Not all officers involved in Sunday’s incident in the parking lot of Brickyard Mall on the Northwest Side have been identified.