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Lincoln Park Zoo Burrows Into The City’s Rat Problem

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new study out from researchers at the Lincoln Park Zoo has found that the Chicago neighborhoods that complain the most about rats do in fact have the highest rat populations.

Those areas are on the North and Northwest sides of the city, and while that conclusion may seem like a no-brainer, the study also dove deep into rat ecology, shedding light on rat behavior in the urban environment so the relevant authorities can keep the population in check.

Morning Shift checks in with the lead author of the study to understand the rat situation in Chicago and what’s being done about it.


Maureen Murray-Wildlife Disease Ecologist and lead author of the study

Public Complaints Reflect Rat Relative Abundance Across Diverse Urban Neighborhoods (Frontiers In Ecology And Evolution 11/28/18)

Chicago Ranks As The #1 ‘Rat Capital’ In The Country

(Renthop 7/18/18)

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