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Tenet movie screen grab

‘Tenet,’ Christopher Nolan’s big-budget blockbuster starring John David Washington (right) and Robert Pattinson (left), was scheduled to hit theaters in August. On Monday, Warner Bros. removed the film from its 2020 release schedule.

Screen grab from YouTube / Warner Bros.

Introvert’s Guide To The Good Life: Are Summer Movies Still A Thing This Year?

This is a weird year for [insert almost anything] and also summer blockbusters.

Disney moved the release date for its live-action Mulan remake three times. James Bond has been pushed to November, for now. And Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s big-budget sci-fi thriller, is now delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus.

So what blockbusters should we stream from the comfort of our own homes? Nerdette talked with Eliana Dockterman, staff writer at Time, about films you can watch right now.

‘Da 5 Bloods’ on Netflix

Eliana Dockterman: It’s the Spike Lee movie that dropped on Netflix on June 12 and is a frontrunner in the very weird Oscar season that we’re going to have so far. It’s definitely a standout.

I think that’s one that is well-worth people’s time, especially because there are going to be so few prestige-y Oscar movies that I think come out this year. If you want to get a head start on Oscar season, that is the way to go.

‘Hamilton’ on Disney+

Dockterman: I think they did a really good job of translating that to the screen. Obviously, there’s some reconsideration of Hamilton right now, and how good of a job it does reckoning with the racism of the time. But I do think that — unlike a lot of problematic properties that we’re dealing with this summer — Lin Manuel Miranda has sort of owned up and participated in that conversation. So I would say watch it with a grain of salt and then go do an internet deep dive. Google “Hamilton Slavery” and set aside a few hours on that.

‘Palm Springs’ on Hulu

Dockterman: Palm Springs was one of the first movies released in quarantine that felt like an actual movie to me. It was the biggest purchase out of Sundance ever. It was supposed to be released in theaters. It felt like a fully finished movie with the quirks of actual writers and directors incorporated in there.

‘The Old Guard’ on Netflix

Dockterman: The Old Guard sort of falls into that category of “doesn’t feel quite like a complete would-be-released-in-theaters film” and I don’t know that I can put my finger quite on why. It’s definitely a diverting way to spend a couple of hours and well worth people’s time if they’re looking for bad action movies. And not even bad like, “This is terrible,” but like …

Greta Johnsen: Junk food.

Dockterman: Yes. Junk food. That’s the perfect word for it.

The conversation was lightly edited for clarity and brevity. Press the ‘play’ button to hear the full episode.

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