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Nerdette Book Club: Gabrielle Zevin on ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.’ The book sits on a book shelf

Greta Johnsen

Nerdette Book Club: Gabrielle Zevin on ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow’

Nerdette book club is back after a summer break, and what a book we have in store for you! September’s book is already being called one of the best of 2022. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin follows the friendship of Sam and Sadie from childhood friends in Los Angeles, to ambitious college students in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to co-founders of a video game company. While their shared love of video games brings them together, their story is also about failure, creativity, disability, and the complicated, romantic love between friends. Gabrielle Zevin joins us for this spoiler-free chat about the novel and her own experience with failure and play over the course of a long career in the arts.

Book club will be back on the last Tuesday of the month and you are invited to participate! Send us a voice memo with your take on Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and we will try to include you in the episode. You can reach us at

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