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Sweets: Home Baking I - Pie

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Sweets: Home Baking I - Pie

2008 conference


The Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance, building off the success of its inaugural event last fall, invited media, academics, members of the food and foodservice industry, students and food enthusiasts to come together for a day-long event, entitled: “Sweets: A Journey Through Midwestern Dessert Traditions,” a program about the history of sweets in the Midwest, including important dessert traditions that began in small towns and big cities here in the Midwest.

The second panel of the morning featured three panelists to discuss Midwestern pies: Peter Engler, Research scientist and food historian, presents “Bean Pie: Iconic African-American-Islamic dessert"; Paula Haney, of the Hoosier Mama Pie Company, presents “From Abundance to Desperation: Pies of Indiana"; and Catherine Lambrecht, a founding member of the GMFA board, concludes the panel with her presentation “Reclaiming the Pecan’s Roots.”

Peter Engler, a native of Buffalo (land of the wing and the ‘weck), has lived on Chicago’s South Side for decades. When taking time off from scientific research he enjoys eating the local fare, followed by a slice of pie.

Pastry Chef Paula Haney began her baking career at the Runcible Spoon coffee house in Bloomington Indiana while pursuing her degree in Journalism. After a few years working as a reporter and a community radio news director she moved to Chicago to pursue a full time career in pastry. First as a pastry assistant and then as pastry chef Haney has worked in several notable Chicago establishments. From 2000 - 2003 she was the Pastry Chef of Trio Restaurant where she worked with Chefs Shawn McClain and Grant Achatz. In 2005 she left her position as pastry chef of Trotters to Go to start Hoosier Mama Pie Co. Haney hopes the pie company will bring the great tastes and traditions of pie back to Chicago.

Catherine Lambrecht is founding board member of Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance. She is program chair of Chicago Foodways Roundtable. A founder and moderator of culinary chat site. Former President of Illinois Mycological Society. President of the Highland Park Historical Society. She was Vice Chair of Advisory Council for University of Illinois Extension at Grayslake and former Vice President of the Lake County Extension Foundation.


Recorded Saturday, April 05, 2008 at Kendall College.

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