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Who left this gum here?

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This morning Cook County Circuit Judge Vincent Gaughan denied the request from local media outlets to unseal the records in the R. Kelly case. The judge also refused to vacate the decorum order. Back to the sandwich vending machine. I’m going to have to buy clothes with pockets. Gaughan said the documents will be released eventually. Opening arguments begin on Tuesday. The judge had a field day with reporters. He held up a piece of chewed gum in a plastic bag that was found under a bench in his courtroom. He accused one of us wretched media members of placing it there. “Please don’t make me do DNA on this,” Gaughan said, dangling the baggie. The courtroom was spruced up in preparation of the Kelly trial. You can still smell the varnish. Apparently the bottom of benches are inspected every night. Um, there is no gum chewing allowed in the courtroom. It’s a “violation of the decorum order.” I assure you, there has been no gum chewing on our part. Or someone would already be in contempt.

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