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Come Sail Minneapolis/St. Paul

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Last night, we scored some tickets to a big party featuring the band Styx. Who needs Nelly or Kanye West when you have Styx and Sammy Hagar? Styx played a full set in front of suited up Republicans who stood like stones til the band played “Come Sail Away”. The band’s guitarist Tommy Shaw was called by Dennis DeYoung as a delegate from Alabama. I looked around and couldn’t substantiate that. So maybe it was a joke, but you know what wasn’t a joke? Their awesome set. They don’t play “Mr. Roboto”, but they did play “Renegade”, “Blue-Collar Man” and “Come Sail Away”. Dennis DeYoung had his keyboard on a swivel. Check out the keyboard work in this video below. I pushed to the front row to get it. I feel a bit like ReRun from “What’s Happenin’” when he bootlegs the Doobie Bros, but you gotta do what you gotta do for the blog.

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