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How is Record Rainfall Affecting you?

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Two days of rain for Chicagoans and there’s still more on the way. There are flash flood warnings throughout the area and the rise of the Chicago River forced some in Albany Park from their homes. So, how is the rain affecting you? (Hopefully you’re not pumping water out of your basement.) And, what does your neighborhood look like? Share your pics from your neighborhood at the Chicago Public Radio Flickr Pool, and they may make it to the site with our coverage. Our team is deployed today in Albany Park and we will be covering the flooding on our air and here on our web site throughout the week. Check back for regular updates and extra audio, video and photos. Below is a video of the Chicago river at Wolf Point downtown. There is no flooding but you can see how bloated the river is. If the rain continues, the river will be up on the banks in no time. UPDATE: Check out photos from Chicago’s Flood of 2008.

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