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Alternate Area Elections

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People have been seriously struck with election fever lately- some are so excited that they can’t even wait for the real thing. Flickr group member Brian Hagy documented one at Baker Demonstration School. He writes: Election Day is almost here and in an effort to promote civic awareness, Baker Demonstration School from Wilmette held a school wide US Presidential election today for Kindergarten -- 8th grades. Students lined up with registration cards in hand to cast their paper ballots. Thanks to Ms. Downey’s 4th grade volunteers, long lines at the several polling places were avoided allowing each student to participate and vote. Classes were randomly assigned states giving each class’s popular vote a particular amount of electoral votes. Classes will compare, contrast, discuss and analyze the school election process and results with that of the actual election.

We’ll check in with Brian to find out the results of the election, but until then check out these photos he shot of the voting: Check back later for more alternate elections!

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