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If Kass get gyros, I want the contracts for licorice rope.

SHARE If Kass get gyros, I want the contracts for licorice rope.

John Kass has become Chicago’s Geraldo Rivera. But in a good way. Today’s column is a great story about cornering Chicago 2016 CEO Pat Ryan in the Tribune offices. Kass makes a great point about the “back the bid” campaign and the prevailing thought that support = contracts. So John asks for a contract. Love it! Best part? The banner ad above Kass’ column is for the Chicago 2016 Olympics. If you are interested in where the venues are, the Sun-Times has photos. So Robo-Calls are now illegal. Well, not for banks, debt collectors, political parties and charities. They are exempt. That’s like saying prank calls are illegal, except for radio stations and teenagers. Memo to newsrooms: Don’t buy in to the official, official, official announcement by politicians. It’s just a headline grab. And memo to weekend editors? News is slow and the campaigns know this. That’s why they do big events so you can give them infomercials. I’m out of here. I’m going to ride the new balloon. Get an exclusive. D’oh! My nemesis with Richard Roeper beat me to it!!!

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