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The Daybook: The IOC sure has a lot of 'concerns'

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The International Olympic Committee released a layout and brief analysis of the four Olympic bids today. You can read the whole report here, or, if you’re too busy to read 98 pages, just take our word for it and read a much-condensed version here. From what I get out of the report, the IOC seems to think Tokyo and Madrid’s bids have some issues with the structure and management of their bid committees, and they were impressed with Rio and its $240-billion (!) infrastructure plan. The IOC also appears to have liked Chicago’s presentation, but this money issue takes up a lot of space in the Summary section. And if you’re really bored at work, see how many times the IOC report uses the word “concern.” Not just for Chicago, but in general. That’s a hefty amount of “concerns.” Anyway, Chicago Olympic organizers will discuss the report with the news media later this afternoon. In other news, Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes is presenting what he would do to raise money for the state today. Governor Pat Quinn is also out and about, and we’ll be sure to get his thoughts on the plan. And WBEZ’s own Susie An continues her Week Of Adventure by going for a ride in the new hot air balloon just down Navy Pier from our offices.

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