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Today is laugh out loud day. So...there's that.

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The Bubbly Creek is in danger! Some activists want to clean me up? Wait, not the blog...but the actual creek. Whew! It’s laugh out loud day. Really. The Mayor is trying to change the world with public laughter. Apparently it is to promote the Goodman’s new show Animal Crackers. This is what Mayor Daley said in the press release...

Laughter, merriment, and general carrying-on is expected and encouraged, in honor of Goodman Theatre’s production of Animal Crackers.

Please, for the love of irony, will someone press Daley today on TIFS or parking meters or the Olympic bid? Just to see if he practices what he preaches. And hey, we want a day. How can we get a Wikipedia Files day? Yesterday, Rob Wildeboer talked with Rob Warden about his new book True Stories of False Confessions. If you ever wondered how a false confession works or how someone can be put in jail and then released years later, take a listen. If you want singing, I mean real record-deal inspired singing in an NPR piece about business matchmaking, Adriene Hill delivers. And remember folks, this is national. The whole country heard our Adriene Hill sing “Matchmaker."‚ It’s right at the top. Um, can I be Simon Cowell for a second? It was a bit weak. I love you Adriene, but belt that song! And maybe rap. Cause that’s in. Our Don Hall (Wait! Wait!) has uncovered a bit of a scandal over at the League of Chicago Theaters. The Hot Tix program suggests that you can get half-off prices if you use their services for local theater events. But after service charges and on-line fees, you end up saving next to nothing. There’s a good conversation about the role of small theater companies in the organization, over at his blog. And finally, I’m excited about the Bears v. Steelers this weekend. I’m going to the game. I can’t wait to walk 4 miles from the train to hit the tunnel.‚ There’s nothing better than walking with throngs of people listening to the Flinstones theme on saxophone. Here’s a clip I found on YouTube from someone walking through the tunnel...

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