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Memo to Lewis Lazare: WBEZ is 91.5fm. Not 91.3fm.

SHARE Memo to Lewis Lazare: WBEZ is 91.5fm. Not 91.3fm.

Is it me, or does the whole city of Chicago smell like a chemical fire today? It’s almost like that burning CTA train smell...everywhere.

Top Story: There was a‚ fire at a Magnificent Mile shopping center.‚ Hunter told me this morning “there was a fire in Sephora...” and I thought he said “there was a fire in the Sbarro.” Now you can understand why I flipped out and ran out the door crying. But it was Sephora. Which is, apparently, not a pizza place. I feel bad for the dude who has Sephora on his list to do last minute shopping for his lady. This might be tough to get over. B Story: Mike Puente did a story this morning about the controversy in Gary, IN over the city hiring a private police force. It’s part of a larger trend- last week a Detroit reporter told Eight Forty-Eight that certain neighborhoods in the Motor City were doing this. I’m curious if this is a fad or if we should expect an entire city’s police force to be privatized soon. And if the later comes true, will RoboCop be good or evil? Feature: I think I’m going to go to a Joliet Jackhammer game this year. Why? Because their marketing campaign is hilarious. Of course, not everybody thinks so. But kudos for doing it. 2nd Feature: Speaking of religion, Vocalo radio is challenging you to a duel to make radio. They have enlisted the help of interfaith superstar Eboo Patel. Food: It’s Friday, so we might as well do a food story. How bout this one - Mince pie is back, baby! Weather: It might snow. But not as much as it will on the Jersey Shore. Sports: The Bulls beat the Knicks last night. Kicker: WBEZ is in the news - sort of. Lewis Lazare has an article about WBEZ’s involvement in questioning a new jazz format at 87.7. The best part? Lazare continually refers to WBEZ as 91.3FM. Remember, this is the media writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. I wish I would bring back that other guy...

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It’s election day, and hundreds of teens are serving as election judges. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a case that could impact more than one million student people in Illinois with college debt. Local groups are stepping up to provide shelter for asylum seekers arriving in Chicago.