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This just in: Blago aide used Google. I wonder if he also asked Jeeves?

SHARE This just in: Blago aide used Google. I wonder if he also asked Jeeves?

I’m at work today. A lot of people took today off. Why would you take a personal day on the shortest day of the year? Me? I save mine for June 21st.

Top Story: The Senate is poised to pass health care on Christmas Eve. Right in the middle of Christmas Vacation on basic cable. Maybe this can be a new tradition for the holiday. Each Christmas Eve night, the U.S. Senate passes a major piece of social legislation. And you and your family leave cookies out for them. B Story: The government is not waiting til Christmas Eve for this no-brainer: there is a 3 hour limit on tarmac delays for airplane travel. So this means you can’t complain until after 3 hours of delays.‚ I have a feeling the airlines will take advantage of this law. C story: EXPOSE’! WATCHDOG! INVESTIGATION! - Apparently, Blagojevich’s aide searched google. Does this merit a story? Yes, it fits into the master story that the Sun-Times is putting together about influence-peddling, but a google search? I feel that’s a stretch for your home-page feature story. Weather: It’s a moderate arthritis day. Sports: The‚ Bears are still playing football? Gosh, the Zoo Lights event at the Lincoln Park Zoo is really well done. And I found myself having a smile on my face watching my kid enjoy the lights. This was much more of a suitable way to spend my Sunday afternoon/night. I didn’t even care about the game. It’s terrible that football means nothing to Chicago in December, but that’s the Bear way (last 3 seasons). But who needs to watch the game when you have Brad Biggs and his great new format. Good move, great read. Kicker: Ugly holiday sweaters.

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