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Best idea ever: Virginia McCaskey should take over as the new coach of the Bears

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Bears-mccaskey Top Story: My wife had the best headline that will not be: “No Lovie Lost.” I think Lovie will be back. I was hoping that the Chicago Bears would at least make an attempt to get on top of this story right away. Someone has to go for the 7-9 debacle of the season. Instead, they’ve said they won’t be making themselves available for the media (which is customary) today. No one has said it, but wouldn’t that be a bad thing for the head coach? If you do something all year and then bail on it because you’ll be in “meetings,” doesn’t that say we might have a firing on our hands? Probably not, but just sayin’... I want Angelo to call the media to Halas Hall and to make his announcements on future Bear coaching at 10am. And if he doesn’t? Then I want Virginia McCaskey to. Strike that. I want Virginia McCaskey to meet with the media every Monday this off-season. I want her to be the new face of the franchise. You own it, now own it. Strip Lovie of some of his power and give it to Virginia. She should also be the new O-coordinator. B Story: Is a North Side immigration office a front for terrorism? The government thinks so. Wow, this would not be a good thing for Chicago. We are slowly becoming the U.S. terrrorism hub. This is where we need a Walter Jacobsen, to go under cover as a terrorist wannabe. Maybe Pam Zeckman could do it? Maybe Chuck Goudi? He could pass as an extremist, right? C Story: Who here remembers when Poetry Magazine was given a huge amount of money from an arts patron? I think it was a endowment of some kind. Well, as Puffy money, mo problems. Weather: Enough with the cold. Sports: Now we can enjoy the NFL playoffs. The Jets? The Bengals? Where are the Steelers? New rule. The defending champ gets all tie-breakers. If they tie for a playoff spot, it defaults to them. Which would you rather see: Jets vs. Bengals? Or Steelers vs. Bengals. Ugh. At least we love hockey again. Kicker: Gosh, that Janet Davies/Mark Giangreco NYE broadcast was pretty bad. There are ideas for next year (and reviews of this past year’s show) here. One last thing: For those who aren’t from here - Bill Gleason was Chicago. The former Sun-Times columnist died this past weekend. He was 87. He is most known to Chicago TV viewers as the cigar chompin’ everyman who led “The Sportswriters on TV” on cable. It was a real version of ESPN’s “Around the Horn.” It is where Mike North gets his shtick.‚ I watched it when I was in high school and I remember being intimidated by Gleason. He knew everything and he delivered that information with such South Side certainty. He was like my TV Grandpa. They were super popular because they would run ads for their shows during Bulls games. And not the Ron Mercer Bulls, but the MJ Bulls. Later in life, I had the chance to book Telander and Jauss for Eight Forty-Eight sports segments. It was a thrill. Here’s to Gleason. Watch:

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