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Give me a job, please! Manufacturing professional loves birthday cake

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Paul Smith is next up in the “Give me a job, please!" series.‚ After you’ve read Paul’s entry take a second and leave him a job lead or some advice on finding a job. (If you’re currently unemployed and want to be a part of this series, email us here.) Paul Smith Name: Paul AE Smith Looking for work as: Quality/Continuous Improvement Manager or Production/Operations Manager in manufacturing, medical, hydraulics, automotive or related industry or corporate setting including logistics, customer and product development, & sales. If you were to write a song about your dream job, how would the chorus go? “Ooh, sha-la-la, turning the world into‚ a better place; lean it out, make it robust-- kaizen’s the action and our actions are just.” True or false: “I party hardy.” Only true if you count that I had too much cake at my daughter’s birthday party. Otherwise: not so much. How do your friends describe you? Quiet, ambitious and focused. How well do they know you? They know me pretty well. What else should we know about you? I am driven by a desire to improve and simplify, through the application of logic, DDX, and any other available tools, any process that I can. I am a results-oriented, hands-on professional with backgrounds in sales, education, management, manufacturing, and I am not finished yet--my appetite for learning is voracious and I am never in my element so much as when I am out of my element. View my professional profile on View my CV here.

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