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The campaign to move the Illinois primaries has begun! Sign up! Tell your friends! Don't let Illinois get "Lost!"

SHARE The campaign to move the Illinois primaries has begun! Sign up! Tell your friends! Don't let Illinois get "Lost!"

Top story: So I’ve decided that I’m going to make a quasi-serious run at trying to get the Illinois primaries moved so they won’t conflict with the season premiere of Lost.‚ So first, I need a lawyer to tell me if it is possible. Then I need to get grassroots support from the internets. Then I need protests to sweep across the state. Then I need a budget to lobby Springfield, to wine and dine some lawmakers to get on this bandwagon. Then I need media to back me just like they backed those Northwestern students. Then I need the creators of Lost to create a funny/poignant video like those Prop 9 videos. Then, I need to tell the WBEZ crew that they need to work a week later. It could happen. I need about $200k and a logo. Well, I have the logo. B story: This week is the 1 year anniversary of the swearing in of Senator Roland Burris. How bout that.‚ Let’s review his year, shall we? He passed 3 of his 45 pieces of legislation. He wrote a poem. He stopped talking to the press. Next! C Story: In education news, the Ren 2010 brand is struggling. Weather: Did you know that Northwest Indiana (namely Laporte, IN) got over 2 feet of snow last week? I didn’t. Sports: Mark McGwire admitted steroid use. I wonder if that was part of his agreement to get back into coaching? Talk about a media spin-clinic. Let the whole world speculate ‘til they are blue in the face, then when they are bored with it, tell them you did it. It should be like the Hall of Fame. Steroid users must wait 5 years before they can admit usage.‚ Now, if McGwire’s face turned a different color, front page news. Kicker: Did you know most toxic toys come from China? That prompted Steve Rhodes at Beachwood to comment, “Did it ever occur to anyone that China is taking over the world by poisoning the children of its enemies?”

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It’s election day, and hundreds of teens are serving as election judges. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a case that could impact more than one million student people in Illinois with college debt. Local groups are stepping up to provide shelter for asylum seekers arriving in Chicago.