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Oops! County Board incumbent's endorser list shrinks

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Cook County Board Commissioner Edwin Reyes A Cook County Board commissioner facing a tough primary challenge has gathered endorsements from some 18 Chicago politicians. Edwin Reyes (8th District), installed by Northwest Side political bosses to an open seat last summer, hopes the endorsements will help him beat back self-styled independent Xavier Nogueras in the February 2 primary. Reyes is running the list on the home page of his campaign Web site. There’s just one problem. Until I called the Reyes campaign late yesterday, the list included a Chicago alderman who had not endorsed the commissioner. The alderman, Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward), says he’s “disappointed" and “angry" to hear Reyes has been using his name. He says he didn’t know until I told him. The Reyes campaign is apologizing for the “error." A spokesman blames it on the office of the 32nd Ward Democratic committeeman, state Rep. John Fritchey. But Fritchey insists neither he nor his staff had any role.

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