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Today is the 1 year anniversary of Senate voting 59-0 to remove Blago from office

SHARE Today is the 1 year anniversary of Senate voting 59-0 to remove Blago from office

blago-impeachment Top Story: Today is quite a day for anniversaries. Not only is it the 2 year anniversary of the Lane Bryant murders in Tinley Park, but it’s also the 1 year anniversary of the ‘Springfield Circus’, in which the state Senate kicked disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich out of office. So what will today bring? January 29 (besides being my beloved Mother’s birthday) may be cursed. B Story: Everybody did the “hooray, we’ve rounded up 200 sex offenders!” story yesterday. But kudos the City Room staff who actually found the news nugget - which was there are still 200 sex offenders running around unaccounted for. Essentially, the state has lost track of them. Also, I don’t want to be crude... but the name of the state’s operation is “Operation Forced Compliance.” Really? Seriously? Are they being tongue-in-cheek or simply super-oblivious? Seeing that most sex crimes and sexual offenders ‘force’ victims, this operation title may not be well thought out. C Story: Did you see that the clip of Mayor Harold Washington that is being used in the Hynes commercials was from an interview WTTW’s Joel Weissman did back in the 80’s? Weismann responded with ethical complaints yesterday, saying “It’s utterly unethical. I don’t pimp for anybody. Politicians run their own campaigns. They don’t need me.” Um, Joel, uh...I don’t think that’s the right use of the word pimp. But nice try. D Story: Yeah, this is going to be fun. 13,000 people have vowed to go to the old site of the South Side St. Patrick’s day parade on St. Patrick’s day. Ooooh. Wow. Weather: I think my eyebrows froze. Sports: The Bulls are .500. Derrick Rose made the all-star team. All good in Bulls land. Michael who? Scottie what? We’re .500! Take your six championships and shove em! We’re .500! Also, if you didn’t see it - my pics with Kaney (Patrick Kane to you) chillin’ with some Vancouver ladies in a limo came out in the press this week. So embarrassing. But what can you do. That’s the life we chose to live. Finally, Johnny Knox is in the pro-bowl. Which means the NFL Pro-Bowl is bulls***.‚ Sorry, but it is completely wrong to have Johnny Knox anywhere near a game that is supposed to showcase the best/brightest in the league. It’s because no one wants to play in a meaningless game. Scrap it. For dignity. Kicker: Andrew Gill has edited some really great videos. 848 Film Critic Jonathan Miller is using his vast knowledge of cinema to review the best campaign ads during this primary season.

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