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Forget local Chevy dealerships, how long til we see Kane and Toews in a Nike commercial?

SHARE Forget local Chevy dealerships, how long til we see Kane and Toews in a Nike commercial?

Whew,what a game yesterday. Kane and Toews are way past the local TV ads. It’s time for their agents to get rid of the Luna carpet and Walter E. Smithe scripts and upgrade to McDonald’s, Sony and Nike. Your tables are definitely ready. You know they are partying hard as you read this. Vancouver style. Trust me, I know Kaney from my party days with him... Top story: I hate earthquakes and the lives they ruin. My heart (and wallet) go out to the people of Chile. But what a gift for the U.S. news cable shows that a tsunami was supposed to hit a U.S. state (but not right away).‚ That means they would get a prime-time audience waiting to see a live catastrophe. And we sat glued to the screen as they just filled time, vamped and stalled by showing the same live shot of a beach and a couple b-roll shots of surfers, probably taken hours (if not) days earlier. But I have to say, when I found out about the news (via the internet), I turned to cable news to be my up-to-the-minute source.‚ The anchors on MSNBC narrate the story and curate the news. I find that much easier than trying to find it myself. B story: The Sun-Times ran an article yesterday featuring longtime sports broadcaster Bruce Wolf’s job search. They even talk about how he has been leaving comments on Robert Feder’s blog at His quote when pressed about his comments"¦

Wolf’s Feder-described “rants, digressions and self-serving plugs” ceased a couple of weeks ago. At the moment, he’s unsure if they’ll return. “At some point you’re just entertaining the people who you’re trying to impress,” he says, “and I don’t feel like doing it for nothing.”

What does that mean? Was he just cherry-picking knowing influential eyeballs who were reading daily? I’m positive that’s what it was, but to come out and just say it? I guess that’s gutsy. Or just plain stupid. It’s all comment-crazy right now as I got so many e-mails on Thursday/Friday about the comment section on Feder’s blog getting out of control. I had to step in and yell at people. Can you imagine me, yelling at people about blog comments? The hypocrite alarms are sounding off the shores of Lake Michigan"¦ C story: This is Oscar week. And I guess this year they are expanding the "ËœBest Picture’ category to 10 nominees. That’s a lot more movies I won’t see before the Oscars. It almost takes it over the saturation line. I am so intimidated by not seeing any movies this year that I will probably keep it that way. I had a chance to rent some Oscar stuff from the RedBox this weekend, but went with Confessions of a Shopaholic instead. No big deal. I’m not sure if it is nominated for any Oscars, but if it is, it shouldn’t be. Sports: Wow, those Olympic games couldn’t have worked out better for the NHL and the Chicago Blackhawks. Kane and Toews starred in the gold medal game yesterday and the NHL is going to push this duo like crazy, because everyone in the world got a good glimpse. Let me be clear about something: I’m not a huge hockey fan. It’s hard to get into the sport when the local team has been so miserable for years. And truthfully, the Blackhawk ownership didn’t give me the product on television, so I relied on newspaper articles and local news highlights to get a feel for the game. Here is an observation from watching a full hockey game yesterday: You don’t need two halftimes. I understand there is probably a need for it, but you should take a page from the NFL: they understand their American audience. Quick, fast, non-stop action keeps us around. The 10 minute breaks for analysts and commercials doesn’t. I’m just sayin’"¦ Kicker: Harry Caray’s restaurant opens on Navy Pier today. There is a huge celebration planned, including stars, live radio shows and fireworks. It sounds like every other day out here at Navy Pier. They should rename it McFun. This opening is really a first-step for the McPier folk to see how privatization works - this place is owned by all the celebs that are pushing it tomorrow. If this works, would they be interested in running the future McDonald’s? Maybe the churros wagon? McCormick Place?

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