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Day 5: My financial fast faces first real test.

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The weekend is approaching, and this will be the first real test of this financial fast 21-day fast. I have it all mapped out. But first, a recap of the week. So far, I haven’t spent any money outside of bills. Our political reporter Sam Hudzik offered to buy me a beer at the next newsroom outing. I received a Barney’s coupon the mail this week. (In the trash it goes.) For some reason I have been craving Harold’s Fried Chicken. The idea of not spending is harder than actually not spending. Justin Kaufmann taunts me everyday. Methinks he wants to see me fail. (Right, Justin?‚ I don’t even like the twizzlers you have on your desk!) Tonight I will go grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I need new lunch offerings and snacks during the day. Are flowers unnecessary? By the time I get home ‘General Hospital’ will be on SoapNet and this will keep me in the house and not off to Reese’s or anywhere else fun. My girl Lesley invited to a St. Patrick’s Day party on Saturday. I think it’s open bar and free food. If not, I will stay home and scrub my hardwood floors. On Saturday night, my girl Maya is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her cool art gallery. There will be free red velvet cake and $1 vodka drinks. I will refrain from the latter unless someone puts it on his tab. On Sunday, I plan to have a couple of lil magic friends over for dinner. Note to Justin: that is not cheating. I have to eat, and cooking for one person is too hard anyway. (ed note: I don’t buy it. The dinner party seems non-essential. And they are not twizzlers, they are red vines.)

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