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Financial Fast Day 10: My hair is definitely essential

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I got my hair done today. I paid $50, including tip. Some of you might think that this is breaking the fast. I file this in my essential expenses file. Michelle Singletary even addresses the issue. I don’t have the time or energy to get into the issues of black women and hair. I’ll just defend the every-two-week habit. Oh, and I’m not working today. Far be it from me to play hooky for beauty during pledge drive! I’m not quite halfway through the financial fast, but I’m feeling good. It’s quite the mental exercise. My money has been spent on CTA fare and groceries, in addition to bills (mortgage, utilities.) I even got a dinner offer from David from Time Out Chicago. I guess I should reveal that I plan to get an eyebrow waxing in a couple of hours. (Ed. note: We will let this slide because Natalie is getting ready for her big Studs Terkel Award tonight! Congrats to Natalie!!!!!)

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