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Introducing Frisbee Friday (and reminding you about Super Saturday)

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WHAT IS Frisbee Friday?

Frisbee Friday is a new tradition here at MISSion Amy K.R., and it goes like this.

Every Friday (or random, sporadic Fridays; I haven’t decided which yet), I am going to find something cool to share and then toss it your way. Like this:

That to me is really cool. (And thank you, Marie-Claude for the tip.)It is worth tossing your way. And it is exactly what Frisbee Friday is all about.

Wait! Quick reminder to all of you who have a fondness for donuts, sitting down, and the great city of Chicago:


The adventure begins at 9:45 am at the Belmont “L” stop, 945 W. Belmont. A reason to spring out of bed on the first day of spring!

(Here’s the video again if you want the whole story...set to pretty music.)

miss amy k.r.

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