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Jerome McDonnell celebrates 25 (or is it 27?) years at WBEZ

SHARE Jerome McDonnell celebrates 25 (or is it 27?) years at WBEZ

Our intranet says that Jerome McDonnell is celebrating his 25th anniversary at WBEZ. Jerome was a producer for Midday, hosted by Sondra Gair. He also was the original producer for Metropolis with Aaron Freeman. After proving those jobs to be too easy, he took on the hosting responsibilities for Worldview.‚ I asked him what he thought of his 25 year anniversary and he told me the intranet may be wrong. It might be closer to 27, because WBEZ only recognizes full-time status when counting years served. So the first two years he worked full-time for part-time money and thus, it wasn’t counted. So essentially, we missed this post 2 years ago. No worries though, I know where WBEZ puts their archive photos. And this one is kind of awesome, showing a young Jerome handing out station propaganda.‚ My guess by the logos? 1984-85. Congrats on 27 years, Jerome.

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