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Sarah Jindra: Decoding Chicago's traffic reports (FAQ)

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Sarah Jindra: Decoding Chicago's traffic reports (FAQ)

Our great traffic reporter Sarah Jindra spent some extra time on the clock this week to put together a PDF for Chicago traffic beginners. Even if you are a long-time Chicagoan, there are probably some parts of the traffic reports that baffle you. Well, Jindra did the dirty work and now you can use this resource to be the smartest guy in your car. This is the best PDF I’ve ever opened.

Here’s a couple highlights from the FAQ:

Q: How are the travel times determined?

A: There are sensors in the roadways that track how fast or slow drivers are going. Really smart people created equations that automatically calculate travel times based on the sensor data.

Q: What’s the extension? A: The part of The Eisenhower (I-290) that runs between I-355 and I-294.

Q: I always miss my road! How do I know when it’s coming? A: I read travel times in the same order every single report. Most other traffic reporters in Chicago have an order they use as well. Find out what the road before yours is, and listen up! So enjoy and remember to thank Sarah next time you have the chance.

PDF: Decoding Chicago Traffic Reports

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