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Top 5 cocktail havens in Chicago

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Top 5 cocktail havens in Chicago

Dutch Hum Punch from Sepia...refreshing.

Dutch Hum Punch from Sepia...refreshing.


All of these places have a few things in common: they squeeze their limes and lemons and wouldn’t dare put a bottle of Rose’s lime juice anywhere near the bar.


The bartenders (or mixologists, bar chefs, etc.) know their drinks by heart, and often create their own libations based on classic recipes. Liquors and liqueurs are meticulously sourced, the atmosphere is conversation-friendly with chairs to boot - not just barstools - and best of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re a rum, tequila, bourbon or gin drinker, you’re going to find something that sounds absolutely delicious (and thirst quenching).

1. The Violet Hour
2. Nacional 27’s bar
3. Bar DeVille
4. Sepia’s bar
5. The Drawing Room

Honorable mentions:

The Whistler, The Exchange, Sable

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