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Oooh! Politician/media fight!!!! Today: Sun Times vs. Gutierrez

SHARE Oooh! Politician/media fight!!!! Today: Sun Times vs. Gutierrez
Oooh! Politician/media fight!!!! Today: Sun Times vs. Gutierrez

Quick, someone tell me what this photo means?? Is this Craig’s List before there was Craig’s List? (photo by Cragin Spring/Flickr)

Top story: Hmmm, the Sun-Times reported that Congressman Luis Gutierrez secured a condo with the help of Tony Rezko. Today, Politico ran this article: “Luis Gutierrez: Sun-Times’s Rezko story ‘false’”. The congressman contests the article’s assertion that Rezko delivered upgrades to his place. The Sun-Times managing editor stands by the article. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If it does indeed pan out that Luis Gutierrez did accept this from Rezko and he lied to Politico, what is the fallout? Any? Are we in a world now where politicians (heck, and everyone else) can lie to the media without consequence? And if he isn’t lying, what consequence (if any) is there for the media getting it wrong?

B story: Last night, I was up working on the site and my Tweet Deck kept alerting me to a flurry of my friends tweeting Conan O’Brien updates. At the risk of sounding out-of-touch, might I tell my friends to cool it? Guys, you are killing Twitter. What I thought was really interesting is that this was live-tweeting en masse. All of the players on my Twitter feed who give me endless joy were active last night. Did I miss something? Am I the only one the realizes that the “Team Coco” really means “Team Ted Turner”? How did Conan pull this off?

C story: Editor & Publisher (they are alive!) has a great article today asking what the Tribune company would be like if it were ran by Steve Jobs. Not a bad idea.

D story: Billy Elliot is closing early. Tough break for the “we have strife, so we must dance” musical. But WBEZ’s Jonathan Abarbanel says it is closing because some of the characters have a potty mouth. Yep, I guess there is strong language in the musical and families are staying away. This might be a good time to remind you that the Lion King is all about murder and deceit, with a few catchy songs.

Weather: Get outside today. You won’t see these temperatures again til April.

Sports: The Bulls beat Carmelo Anthony last night. I talked to some Bulls insiders (code for friends and family) who believe this Bulls team is legit. Everyone is salivating over the impending return of Carlos Boozer. And in the weak division, the Bulls do have a chance to be special. NBA Finals special? Probably not, but it may just be a fun ride.

Also, I’m done with this dude. What self-respecting non-Jay Mariotti would write a column (for the umpteenth time) that he wishes the Bears would lose. Did Lovie steal this guy’s wife, or something? Yes, the Bears are underperforming. But man, last I checked they were 5-3 and a half-game back in a winnable division. Tell me this, Morrissey: Would you be mad if the Bears won the Super Bowl because we would have to live with Lovie for another year?

Kicker: So let’s get to the bottom of this: Who is selling out punk rock clubs?

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