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Sponsor says civil unions have a good chance

SHARE Sponsor says civil unions have a good chance

The chief sponsor of a measure to allow same-sex civil unions in Illinois says he still thinks his bill will pass. That’s even though lawmakers didn’t vote on it during their veto session this week.

Civil unions are not the same as full marriage. But they’d give gay couples some rights relating to state taxes, medical visitation and estate issues.

Democratic state Rep. Greg Harris, of Chicago, said he believes the bill can pass before the end of the year.

“This is a process. Any piece of legislation - there’s pros and cons, and you have to discuss back and forth and debate - debate the merits. That’s what the process is about,” Harris said Friday.

Harris said some conservative groups are lobbying hard against the bill by saying it would lead to gay marriage in all but name.Civil unions are getting support from the Democratic leadership in Springfield - and from some moderate Republicans.

Lawmakers could take it up again after Thanksgiving.

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