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More Of Navy Officer's Videos Surface; May Signal His Commanders Knew

SHARE More Of Navy Officer's Videos Surface; May Signal His Commanders Knew

Two more raunchy videos produced by a top officer aboard the USS Enterprise have surfaced, and one raises questions about whether superior officers were in fact aware of the things that then-Executive Officer Owen Honors was doing and showing to the crew.

Honors, who later became captain of the Enterprise, was relieved of that command yesterday. His dismissal followed a report in The Virginian-Pilot about the XO Movie Night videos that Honors had made and shown to the 6,000 men and women aboard the Enterprise in 2006 and 2007. They included anti-gay slurs, simulated masturbation, sexually-themed shower scenes and the simulated eating of human excrement.

That newspaper obtained only one greatest-hits video. Today, The Navy Times (a Gannett Co. publication) reports about two other videos -- and posts some of the footage (warning: it contains “crude language and sexual references”).

And Navy Times flags this important point:

“One of the two additional videos -- one is undated and the second is dated March 2007 -- contains a new wrinkle: An officer Honors identifies as a member of the carrier strike group admiral’s staff appears to have been aware of the videos. This casts doubt on Honors’ repeated, on-air claims that shipboard and strike group leadership had no idea the videos were being produced and broadcast.”

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