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Financial fast day 3: Can I play tennis?

SHARE Financial fast day 3: Can I play tennis?
Financial fast day 3: Can I play tennis?

In my quest to become a tennis babe, I joined Midtown Tennis Club two and half years ago. It’s the place in the city to play tennis.

Now that I’m on this 21-day financial fast, I’m wondering how to fit working out during this spending respite. Author Michelle Singletary doesn’t give any guidelines on the subject. She says only spend on the essentials: health, medicine, personal hygiene, groceries and work/school supplies. The biggest no-no is eating out.

I’ve decided to turn to our blog readership for advice. (Here’s the cue for web editor Justin Kaufmann to eagerly weigh in.)

Let me explain:

My $105 Midtown membership is an automatic bill each month. But court time is extra - up to $40 an hour. Is it essential to play during the fast? Is it a waste of money not to book court time if I’m already paying that monthly fee? I usually play weekly with WBEZ-er Niala Boodhoo. I did sign up for a free Midtown event next week. I can use the free practice lanes but it’s not that same as playing. After all, tennis babe is my aspiration.

My sister is already a tennis babe. She lives in D.C. riding around in black chauffeured cars playing with Washington bigwigs. She said suck it up and rally in the snow. Okay, right. She’s fasting as well and her morning dilemma was whether she could buy a new nose ring because the existing one fell out. Everyone on our fasting team quickly responded no.

If the fast were in the summer, outdoor playing would be a no-brainer. So readership, weigh in. Court time or not?

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