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Why hair is essential during the financial fast

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I’m on Day 10 of my financial fast.

My weekend was pretty good. It’s nice to see fewer transactions on my bank statement.

A had a date here. A friend treated me here. Friends came over for dinner and I cooked what was already in my fridge—bacon-wrapped pork roast with honey, dijon mustard, thyme and rosemary. Of course, the friends brought the wine. Later, I met up with more friends at the wonderful WBEZ hip-hop block party. We learned a lot about the history of house music in Chicago. My sister and her fellow fasters in D.C. took a flask to the club so they wouldn’t spend money. (They are still in their 20s!) Megan is racking up free coupons. Amber forgot she was supposed to go to a birthday lunch with her co-workers. Instead, she baked cupcakes and explained the fast. That definitely intrigued the birthday girl.

Over the course of the week, I have spent $8 on parking. No way around it.

There’s one area that I consider essential and won’t eliminate—getting my hair done. I go every two weeks because I don’t know how to do my own hair. Too much. Not talented in that area. I won’t give a lecture or bore myself with a lesson on the intricacies black hair. These before and after pictures illustrate that I don’t have the energy to strength to blow dry these tresses. Okay, Justin?




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