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New parent coalition to push for elected school board

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New parent coalition to push for elected school board

WBEZ/Linda Lutton

A new coalition of parents says it’ll be pushing for an elected school board in Chicago.

The parents are mad at the school district over a whole host of issues. Some oppose the board’s policy of closing down failing schools. Others think the district is demonizing teachers. Parent Becky Malone says her neighbors in Mount Greenwood feel their concerns about a longer school day are being ignored by the board.

“What we’re saying is this is not a representative school board,” said Malone at a protest outside Chicago Public Schools headquarters before Wednesday’s school board meeting. “They’re not from our communities. We didn’t put them there, we didn’t ask them to represent us, and therefore, really, what is their agenda? It’s going to be the man who appointed them. It’s going to be the mayor’s agenda.”

Malone and a few dozen others were joined by Chicago Teachers Union leaders Wednesday before the board meeting. The new coalition says it will use legal, legislative and direct action strategies to achieve its goal.

Chicago is the only school district in the state without an elected school board.

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