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Now it's a winter storm warning

But Chicago’s music scene is heating up.

SHARE Now it's a winter storm warning
Now it's a winter storm warning

Snow and slush piled up in Winnemac Park.

rbabiera, on Flickr

BUT -- BUT -- WE STILL HAVE SOME LEFT OVER FROM LAST WEEK! And yet, more snow’s on the way.
* Up to 10 inches by midweek?
* A bad week for this nine-day headache on the CTA.
* Still, it’s better than tornadoes.
* In Washington, the Post blogs on “snowquester.”
* New York Times shuts its Green blog.
* Is climate reporting slanted?

THAT GROUPON SIGNOFF?A company spokeswoman insists Andrew Mason wrote his own goodbye note, praised by a Chicago Tribune editorial as “the gold standard for farewell letters.”
* “Even a truncated list of the company’s failures borders on breathtaking,” the New Yorker‘s Matt Buchanan writes.


CHICAGO’S MUSIC SUMMIT. Chicago doesn’t have an official “Office of Music,” but has two guys planning an event that aims to assemble 500 musicians, singers and music industry execs in September.
* Music site illustrates Killers review with Lego figures.

‘LISTEN, I SPEAK ENGLISH.’ John Boehner defends his use of the phrase “get off their ass” to criticize the Senate.
* But he would not abide dress code violations.
* Obama’s new strategy: “Take no prisoners.”
* In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday over the weekend, a tribute to the sequester -- in rhyme.

‘THAT WAS A REAL MISTAKE.’ In his first public interview since losing, Mitt Romney tells Fox News his campaign failed to connect with minority voters.
* Ann Romney: I’m happy to blame the media.”
* Newt Gingrich: “We were kidding ourselves.”

* No. 2: Complete this quote from a “Daily Show” interview with journalist Steven Brill: “The _________ industry takes in more money every year than Hollywood.” (As of early this morning, 73 percent of quiz-takers had answered incorrectly.)
* No. 5. The publisher of a North Carolina newspaper criticized for seeking the names of gun-permit holders wrote to readers to do what? (52 percent wrong.)
Take the quiz now, and get the right answers.

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It’s election day, and hundreds of teens are serving as election judges. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments today in a case that could impact more than one million student people in Illinois with college debt. Local groups are stepping up to provide shelter for asylum seekers arriving in Chicago.