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Women sort through donated clothing

Women sort through bags of donated clothes in front of the 12th District Chicago Police station where immigrant families are being provided refuge on July 14, 2023.

Manuel Martinez

Want to help Chicago migrants? Here are some groups assisting.

Asylum-seekers in Chicago staying in shelters and sleeping at police stations or in tents have been getting a lot of help from advocates, volunteers and everyday Chicagoans who are driven by an urgent need to help.

WBEZ recently profiled just one such location in the city — Chicago’s 12th District police station — where a fabric of helpers are providing an array of services to help the migrants on both a day-to-day and long-term basis.

Here is more about those organizations offering help to the migrants and what assistance they’re looking for from the public.

New Life Centers

Born out of a desire to serve the communities around New Life Community Church locations in Chicago, New Life Centers has five locations in the city. It acts as a welcoming center, providing clothes, meals, showers along with another nonprofit and even runs sports programs for all ages. Donations they’re accepting: Money, new clothing and furniture in conjunction with the Chicago Furniture Bank. There’s also a list of needed supplies on


ShowerUp Chicago started in 2021 as a way to provide basic hygiene to people who are unhoused. As migrants have been sent to Chicago by other states, the organization has provided mobile showers for asylum-seekers. Donations they’re accepting: Towels, underwear and money.

Instituto Del Progreso Latino

The nonprofit organization offers legal assistance for migrants to navigate the country’s immigration system. It also provides programs to help develop career growth and educational opportunities for those who need it. Donations they’re accepting: In addition to monetary donations, the nonprofit is collecting items through its “Rapid Response Wishlist” to support incoming families.

Pilsen Food Pantry

The organization offers food and clothing for those who cannot afford it. It also provides health screenings, mobility assistance and other support services. Donations they’re accepting: The Pilsen Food Pantry is in need of new and gently used blankets. Donations can be coordinated by emailing

Cook County Health Foundation

Cook County Health is a large public health system in Chicago that is the main medical provider for asylum-seekers at its Northwest Side clinic. Donations they’re accepting: The health system foundation has created a list of needed supplies on with everything from car seats and diapers to clothes for migrant patients who are treated at the clinic.

Block Club has a longer list of organizations here.

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