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About Race: Out Loud

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Beginning this month and all through the summer, WBEZ and vocalo will be talking about race—out loud, and on the air, in frank conversations and stories, and in lively public events. 

We’re asking:  What would it sound like if people said what they really think and feel about race, about ethnicity? What if they really talked about how it shapes them, their lives, and attitudes?  What would we hear, if we listened?

We want to know: Why are Chicago and its surrounding communities still so segregated?

Is segregation to blame for Chicago’s street crime?

Why can’t we desegregate schools?

What’s wrong with wanting to live with your own race or ethnic group?

Is there equal opportunity for jobs?

How do we move the race conversation beyond black and white?

We’ll be out in suburbs and in city neighborhoods: So join us, and the conversation.

Check back at for updates on the series.

If you have questions, ideas or want to comment on a story, call us at (888) 635-1112 ext. 2 or send us a message @wbez and @vocalo using #raceoutloud on Twitter.

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