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In this April 23, 2020 photo, Silvina Moschini, owner of TransparentBusiness, demonstrates how to use her platform in Surfside, Fla. The Argentine entrepreneur who created the virtual job platform in 2007, which gives companies real time supervision of remote workers, helps coordinate teams and creates cost projections, says her business has grown 500% since the start of COVID-19.

Wilfredo Lee

What Could Office Work Be Like In A Post-COVID World?

COVID-19 has shown companies that flexible work practices are not only possible but should become an option as offices open up again, and many employees say they no longer want to work five days a week in the office.

Reset looks at the factors business leaders are weighing as they decide whether to bring employees back to the office.

GUEST: Danny Ecker, commercial real estate reporter at Crain’s Chicago Business

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