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Chicago Pizza

In this Sept. 5, 20143 photo, a slice of deep-dish pizza is shown at Pequod’s in Chicago. Chicago is one of a handful of cities across the country, like Boston, Milwaukee and New York, with companies that offer tours of the local pizza scene. (AP Photo/Caryn Rousseau)

Caryn Rousseau

Food Friday: Discovering Chicago, One Pizza Slice At A Time

There are some things you don’t bring up unless you want to get into a serious debate — politics is one. Religion another. And if you’re in Chicago? It’s pizza.

Whether you like it deep dish, thin crust, traditional cut or tavern style, plain cheese or the works, people have strong pizza opinions. As part of a new weekly segment to discover Chicago through its iconic eats, Reset host Sasha-Ann Simons tries listeners’ favorite pizza joints.

GUESTS: Steve Dolinsky, author of Pizza City USA; host/producer of Pizza City podcast

Herb, Morton Grove resident

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