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Employees at Mitsui Home in Toyko work at their desks a few minutes before 6 p.m. At 6 sharp, the “Rocky” theme song will blare through loudspeakers, prompting everyone to stand up and tell their manager how much longer they intend to work.

Ibby Caputo/The World

Overwork And Burnout Are Killing Us

Overwork and long hours contributed to more than 745,000 deaths worldwide in just one year, according to a recent study from the World Health Organization.

Reset dives into how overwork is deadly, and best practices for prioritizing one’s mental and physical health while not sacrificing professional success.

GUESTS: Joyce Marter, psychotherapist and author of The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness Program For An Abundant Life

Dr. Scott Mendelson, assistant professor of neurology at the University of Chicago

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