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The latest on recovery efforts in Kentucky

Harley Kelso, 60, speaks while standing outside of his tornado-damaged home in Mayfield, Ky. on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021. “I lost my car and the corner of my porch,” Kelso said. “I’m just glad everyone in the neighborhood survived.”

Sean Murphy

The latest on recovery efforts in Kentucky

After surveying parts of western Kentucky this week, President Joe Biden has pledged to cover 100% of the state’s storm-related costs for the first 30 days. Meanwhile, volunteers and supplies are pouring in from across the country as Kentuckians work together to rebuild.

Reset gets the latest on recovery efforts in Kentucky from two NPR reporters and hears from a suburban Chicago man about his plans to help people affected by the storm.

GUESTS: David Schaper, NPR national desk correspondent based in Chicago

Brian Mann, NPR reporter

Clyde Anhalt, owner of Smilin’ Clyde’s Hot Dogs

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