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Virus Outbreak-School Guidance

A parent, center, completes a form granting permission for random COVID-19 testing for students as he arrives with his daughter, left, at P.S. 134 Henrietta Szold Elementary School, in New York on Dec. 7, 2021. U.S. health officials are endorsing ‘test-to-stay’ policies that will allow close contacts of infected students to remain in classrooms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday, Dec. 17, decided to more firmly embrace the approach, after research of such policies in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas found COVID-19 infections did not increase when schools switched to test-to-stay

Mark Lennihan/AP

Democratic lawmakers join GOP effort to block Pritzker from enforcing masking in schools

A bipartisan group of state lawmakers has stopped Gov. JB Pritzker from reintroducing a mask mandate for schools. Dr. Arwady says mask restrictions could be lifted by the end of the month. And a new drug might be a breakthrough in treating COVID-19.

Reset checks in with reporters from WBEZ and the Chicago Tribune for updates.

GUESTS: Adora Namigadde, WBEZ metro reporter

Dan Petrella, Chicago Tribune state government reporter

Kristen Schorsch, WBEZ’s public health and politics reporter

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