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Photos taken by Isiah Veney, a photographer, writer and organizer known as “ThoughtPoet,” that were published on the Chicago Reader are posted on a wall in Veney’s bedroom in Englewood, Thursday morning, Feb. 17, 2022.

Pat Nabong

The Chicago Reader is in jeopardy after a dispute between staff and a co-owner

Transitioning to non-profit status is in peril, and if that doesn’t happen, popular alt-weekly the Chicago Reader will not have the funds it needs to continue paying staff. The union is saying this fate could be avoided if co-owner Leonard Goodman signs documents allowing the transition to non-profit to continue.

Reset gets the latest and hears how this is impacting staff.

GUESTS: Philip Montoro, music editor, the Chicago Reader and chair of the Reader union

Katie Prout, staff writer, the Chicago Reader

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