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sterigenics law suit

A protester holds a sign warning against the potential harms of ethylene oxide in Springfield last year. A lawsuit against Sterigenics, which uses the chemical to sterilize medical equipment, claims the company redirected $1.3 billion in an effort to reduce their potential payouts.

She blamed a local plant for causing her cancer. A jury awarded her $363 million

A Cook County jury on Monday awarded $363 million to a woman who alleged pollution from a sterilization plant near her home gave her cancer.

Sterigenics in Dupage County and two companies in Lake County used the cancer-causing chemical ethylene oxide in sterilization processes for years before nearby residents began to report higher-than-normal levels of a number of cancers.

Reset learns about the first lawsuit against Sterigenics over use of the known carcinogen.

GUEST: Michael Hawthorne, reporter at the Chicago Tribune

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