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Michael Liptrot


Michael Liptrot

Solutions to Chicago gun violence that go beyond policing

A big push for increased violence prevention has been growing in Chicago after a 2016 spike in shootings.

Michael Liptrot


During Chicago’s mayoral election, crime has been top of mind for voters and at the forefront of campaign talking points. But when it comes to possible solutions, those ideas have mostly been centered around more police.

Ahead of Tuesday’s runoff, Reset hears from community leaders on the growing movement for community-based violence prevention, and their thoughts on how the city’s next mayor can tackle the issue.

GUESTS: Dominique McCord, chief program officer at Metropolitan Peace Initiatives

Teny Gross, founder and executive director of the Institute for Nonviolence

Kanoya Ali, housing coordinator at Chicago CRED

Chris Patterson, assistant secretary of the Office of Firearm Violence Prevention at the Illinois Department of Human Services

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