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In three bite-sized episodes every weekday, we'll keep you informed, tickled, geeked, and pondering on Chicago's news, culture and people. Start and end your day with quick news roundups from the WBEZ newsroom. Plus, every afternoon, dive deeper into conversations with the artists, journalists, and changemakers that shape the Windy City. The Rundown podcast is a one-stop-shop for all things Chicago.

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The Rundown is a daily email newsletter from WBEZ Chicago that distills the five biggest stories of the day — local, national and international — into one quick email you'll get weekdays at 4 p.m. We keep the news fast and full of flavor, prepping you for those dinner table conversations.

Meet The Hosts

Erin Allen

Digital Anchor

Hello hi! I'm an artist and communicator, transplanted into Chicago from Detroit. I think a lot about transit, language, human behavior, wellness, science fiction and electronic music. News and conversations on the podcast are inspired by all of that – and some! – with the Windy City top of mind.

Hunter Clauss

Newsletter Editor

Yes, my name really is Hunter Clauss and I am definitely not a person WBEZ made up. (I've gotten that question.) When I'm not collecting a paycheck from the station, I'm running Dungeons & Dragons games for kids, trying to beat Elden Ring and being a bad but also good influence on my nephews. I've won an Investigative Reporter and Editors award and lost six Lisagor awards.