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What Would ModCloth’s Podcast Top Look Like On Your Favorite Host?

As podcast co-hosts, Greta Johnsen and I never really worry too much about what we’re wearing. There’s many reasons we don’t work in television. In part, it’s so I can wear a Hogwarts t-shirt to the office (which I am right now).

But online clothes and ware-seller ModCloth has a sleeker vision for what podcasters might wear -- they’ve made a “Podcast Co-Host Top” and two other podcast-inspired tops. (Hat-tip to the fantastic Anna Sale for spotting it.)

Here’s how ModCloth describes the Podcast Co-Host Top: “Boasting a notched neckline, tab sleeves, and a deeper blue trim down the center, this sharp ModCloth namesake label top makes your outfit just as clever as the insights you share with your digital audience.”

We decided we wanted to see what it looked like on some of our favorite podcast hosts. 

Death, Sex & Money host Anna Sale
Annie Nguyen/WBEZ

Another Round hosts Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton
Annie Nguyen/WBEZ

This American Life host Ira Glass
Annie Nguyen/WBEZ

Radiolab hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich
Annie Nguyen/WBEZ

It’s a versatile look! But we still had some questions. Christen Russo is the Merchandise Copyeditor for ModCloth. We caught up with her to ask about the podcast co-host attire.

As co-hosts, must we both wear the same shirt simultaneously?

“What I think people didn’t pick up on--who were tweeting the link around--is that we actually have two different colors of it. There’s a yellow one and a blue one, so you don’t have to match. You could wear just coordinating ones.”

How do you all come up with the description for clothes on the site?

“We always joke that if someone were to get a hold of our search history, they’d wonder what kind of carefully premeditated joke we’re trying to play on them, because It ranges from searches about native cacti of Texas to vocabulary words about certain art movements to date ideas for zombie lovers. And different professions.”

How have non-podcast-co-hosts reacted to the top?

“Most of the negative feedback that we’ve gotten has been a critique that we should be aiming higher than co-host status. And we totally disagree. I think the difference between a podcast with one host versus multiple hosts, as you girls know, certainly isn’t a question of status or intelligence or anything. The name of the Podcast Co-Host Top is a nod to that positive relationship that people have together.”

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