Best. Promo. Ever.

Best. Promo. Ever.

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If you ask me, it’s the best station promo in the history of television. OK, maybe I’m biased — since “Perry Mason” is my all-time favorite TV drama. I admit I love the show. But I do believe the promo that turned up this week on Chicago’s Weigel Broadcasting stations is as smart and funny and perfectly executed as any one I’ve ever seen.

Raymond Burr as Perry Mason

The 60-second spot for Weigel’s Me-TV and Me-Too channels cleverly incorporates a dozen references to “Perry Mason” (which airs twice daily on Me-Too) culled from the array of vintage sitcoms that air on Me-TV and dramas that air on Me-Too.

See for yourself: Here is the link.

I can’t imagine how they came up with so many allusions to Raymond Burr’s iconic courtroom character, but I’m told the production was a team effort by the on-air promotion and graphics staff, including senior promotion writer/producer/editor Joe Dale, art director Christopher Kemnic and director of on-air operations Jim Roche. Kudos all around.

It’s another reminder of how lucky Chicagoans are to have the local Weigel outlets in our midst. Between Me-TV and Me-Too, we’re afforded more free over-the-air classic television than viewers in any other market in the country.‚ (Personally, I’m hooked on Me-Too’s late-night lineup of “Perry Mason,” “The Untouchables” and “Naked City.“) “It’s a treasure we love operating,” says Neal Sabin, Weigel’s executive vice president.

Me-TV can be seen with a digital tuner and antenna on WCIU-TV 26.2, and on Comcast 223, RCN 14, WOW 17 (in the city), WOW 19 (in the suburbs), AT&T U-verse 23, DIRECTV 23 or Dish Network 23. Me-Too can be seen over the air on Channel 48, with a digital tuner and antenna on WCIU-TV 26.3, and on Comcast 247, RCN 22, WOW 171 and AT&T U-verse 48.