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Paging Dr. Google

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According to a Pew Research survey, eight in ten American Internet users look for health information online. As a result, doctors say they're seeing an uptick in patient anxiety--or as medical types like to call it, "cyberchondria." The technologically savvy cousin of hypochondriasis is the result of unfounded anxiety concerning one's wellness brought on by visiting health and medical websites.

Dr. Rahul Khare works in Northwestern Memorial Hospital's emergency department where he says many patients began using phrases like "I was reading about..." or "I was looking it up online..." a few years ago.

So how are sites like WebMD affecting patient care? How are physicians dealing with "over-educated" patients?

Join Eight Forty-Eight and Dr. Khare for this discussion Tuesday. Has the Internet changed your approach to health care? Is Dr. Google your primary physician? Call 312-923-9239 or hit us up on Twitter @848.

Dr. Rahul Khare answers questions 'Eight Forty-Eight' with Tony Sarabia (WBEZ/Kate Dries)

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