Kevin Dawson

Former Managing Director, Content Development
Kevin Dawson is WBEZ’s Managing Director, Content Development, responsible for leading the creation and evolution of a rich, innovative and diverse next-generation of on-demand content and podcasts at Chicago Public Media.  

Prior to his arrival at WBEZ in 2018, Kevin worked in the UK for more than 25 years, as an award winning program maker both at the BBC and also as Director of Programmes at Whistledown Productions, one of the UK’s foremost independent production houses.  During that time he produced many of the BBC’s flagship national and international radio shows.  In more recent years his work has diversified to include on demand content for the BBC and also for wider media platforms including Spotify and Audible. 

At WBEZ today he leads a talented team dedicated to conceptualizing and creating the captivating on demand shows of the present and future..