Ola Giwa

Former Temporary Data Analyst

Ola is currently a Contract Data Journalist. Her duties are to extract, transform and load data in order to assist in finding the story that lies within it. Prior to Chicago Public Media, she worked on cleaning data at the Invisible Institute for the Beneath the Surface project. This project uses machine learning to better understand police brutality in Chicago. Ola also works as a data science tutor at a coding boot camp.

Ola believes that educational barriers for programmers should be low. In her spare team, she volunteers her time teaching other data literacy skills and web development skills. Ola has worked with Black Girls Code, and Hacking for Justice, and was a from R-Ladies Chicago organizer.

Ola graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.A in Statistics and M.S. in Library and Information Sciences

Stories by Ola Giwa