#24 Mission: Let’s be “Pen-less Pals”

#24 Mission: Let’s be “Pen-less Pals”

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Over the past weeks together, we’ve had a few “intra-community” missions where we’ve all gotten to know one another a bit via the comment section…like when we all introduced ourselves…and when we wished each other good luck…missions like that.

So I had this thought about taking it one step further…a way for some of us to connect beyond the physical and “protocol” constraints of the comment section box. It’s a bit of a social media experiment, so hear me out.

I’m thinking we could pioneer and implement the modern day version of “pen pals.” Since these days most of our written communication no longer involves actual pen and paper, the 2010 version of pen-pals would be “pen-less pals.” And the exchanges would logically take place via email (either personal email accounts or Facebook messages.)

I love the idea of pairing you all up, and seeing where it takes you/us. Maybe you and your pen-less pal will end up connecting in a significant, long-term way. Maybe your pen-less pal will have a major impact on the direction of your life. Or maybe you and your pen-less pal will just share ‚ lame jokes and make each other laugh. Who knows.

If this sounds like a cool, win-win idea, simply say “I’m in!” in the comment section box. Then the Mission Amy K.R. task force will take all the names, pair you guys up, and then send you a personal/private email with your pen-less pal’s email info. We’ll keep this just to email for now— you and your pen-less pal can decide later if you want to extend your communication into texting, etc.

Sound good? Alright then…off we go!


P.S. Just need to pipe in that I’m still all for traditional letter-writing. (It’s how my husband and I courted actually; and I savor the letters my kids write me from sleep-away camp.) I don’t think one form of communication precludes the other.